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We focus on building great software, so you can focus on your business. We offer services, products and apps in areas from web, mobile, desktop, to server and cloud backends, and database development. 


Our technology stack is a healthy mix of JVM based languages like Scala, Java, to PHP, open-source, and Microsoft technologies. We build high-quality cross-platform systems for ( Linux | Mac | Windows ). 


We have pre-built base software ( White-Label apps ) for web, mobile and server side areas with industry best-practices, available for IOS, Android, Windows.


These base apps and server backends are a great template or starting point for start-ups or as the foundation for any new software


You can purchase these and then customize/rebrand them for your business yourself or have us do it for you.


We are a small group of passionate and highly seasoned individuals with varied skillsets that are complimentary.


We have years of experience in areas of development, design/UI/UX, project management and application delivery.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Simplicity : Our approach to building software revolves around simplicity. It takes careful tuning and balance to achieve simplicity which makes a system resilient, adaptable to change, and scalable.

Integrated : Multiple areas make up an system. Areas need to be well integrated, with diagnostics and monitoring in place to provide a complete view of the status of the technlogy running your business. Our software packages are integrated easily with each other and also with cloud services.

Testable : Our software is designed to be easily testable, with a high degree of automation. This allows issues to be caught early and regularly, whilte promoting an easy way to assess quality.



Forest Hills, NY, 11375  |  Tel: 347-512-3161

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