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Our approach to providing you software products involves using our base software (more info below) as a great foundation to build upon. With a foundation in place, it is easy to customize or create unique products / software / services for your specific business needs.

Base Software






Your Product / System

Base Software


We have a suite of products that what we call "base software" or "white-label" software. Base software comes pre-built with a lot of core/common features that are typically boiler-plate.  With base software in place, you can focus on business features without having to build the underlying software infrastructure, saving time and valuable resources. Our base software offers the following:



Pre-built features

Several pre-canned / boiler plate features built-in. These include support for different environments ( dev, test, live ), error handling, logging, configuration, cache support, diagnostics, status updates, security, users/roles and many more.


Every area of our base software incorporates industry best-practices and standards. We also combine some of our very own core philosophies of simplicity to bring you a great starting foundation for your applications.


We don't consider our base-software to be a framework. Frameworks typcially lead to vendor lock-in. Our base software is built on libraries with modules giving you freedom to customize the base software any way you want for your specific business needs.

You can purchase our base software as individual base packages ( like the base mobile app below ) or the full suite of base packages for a complete system architecture.




Once base packages are purchased, you can customize the software in 2 ways:


1. Customize on your own ( for example if you are a startup with developers on your team )


2. Contract our services to customize the base software with your business features and needs.

Base Web Api

A base web api developed in Scala / Play ( for JVM / linux ) or C#  / ASP.NET for Microsoft, contains many pre-built features such as users, roles, authentication, registration, mobile device verification, mobile alerts, invitations, security, querying data and much more. 

Base Mobile Apps

Our base mobile apps for Android and IOS include much needed features like home page, about, contact us, feedback system, slide out menu, support for push notifications, settings, registration and many other core features common to most apps.

Base Database

The base database is a MySql database with pre-built support for users, roles, devices ( for mobile ), invitations, permissions, application settings, audit history, status updates, and optional version history of database changes. We also support MongoDB.

Base Cloud Services

Our base cloud services package is a light-weight and simplified abstraction layer in Scala for JVM, C# for Microsoft for cloud based message queues, file storage, sending email and  text messages. It has built in integration with AWS / Azure, Twilio, SendGrid.

Base Terminal

The base terminal is a powerful command line app in Scala that can connect to and interact with apis to easily access any of your data, whether from the database or in the cloud. It is secure, local, provides quick access to your data and has built-in admin features.

Base Desktop App

For a full user-experience. We also have a base desktop appication that can be used for intensive UIs for the purpose of complementing your web/mobile apps with native user experience. These are available for Mac / Windows.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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