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Team and culture are everything


Code Helix

Code Helix is a software solutions company with a unique hybrid approach to providing high-end software services and products to small and medium sized businesses, start-ups and individuals. We have a diverse set of offerings in contract services, brandable white label products, mobile apps, and proving support and consultation/advice.


Our team includes a passionate group of seasoned professionals in software, technology, and design areas with the goal of providing high-quality applications and systems.

Our Team
Kishore Reddy
Architect | Phone: 347-512-3161

Kishore is an artist at heart, with a strong and complimentary set of diverse technical skills and business background. He has over 12+ years experience engineering highly scalable systems and providing technnical solutions to business needs across varied industries.


Open-Source Kishore actively builds and contributes to various open-source initiatives.


Sudeep K

Sudeep is a highly experienced web developer and engineer. His core strengths are on the LAMP stack ( Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP ), with more recent experience in JVM based languages, open-source frameworks and Cloud based technologies.




Mahesh Gottumukkala

Mahesh has a wealth of experience in managing and delivering high-quality applications across multiple sectors. He is an expert in Agile Methodology and project management with a strong background in technology and engineering. This multi-faceted background gives him a unique ability to assess and provide project deliverables.


Robert S.
UX - Design


Robert is a creative artist, with experience ranging from web design, user-experience, to full-on product development. With solid skills in photoshop, illustrator, wire-framing, html/css, he is able to fully appreciate a clients design needs and translate them to working models.

Veena L.


Amy is a highly detailed oriented person with an ability to truely understand products and end-user experience. She is in charge of ensuring quality control and of code helix delivering high end products and services to our clients.


Samantha K.


Sush provides support and assistance in a combination of areas from application support, system diagnostics and monitoring, dev-ops and client /end-user support. 


Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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